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 Shoreikan Karate Club

Children must be 7 years of age, Langley Dojo Only

SHOREI-KAN means “House of Politeness & Respect"

  • In Langley since 1981 in BC & Canada since 1972

  • We are a non profit club

  • We are very affordable

  • We are a Traditional Style not a Sports Style

  • All techniques are practiced with control

  • All classes are taught by black belts

  • Our style is effective

  • Our style is safe to practice

  • Excellent for women, men, families & children

  • Excellent for young and older folk

  • Excellent for mind & body

  • Our motto: “Practice with Shoshin - the heart of the beginner.”

    Our style is “Okinawa Goju Ryu”. “Goju Ryu” means “hard- soft style" and it was developed in Okinawa, now a part of modern Japan.  Karate itself originated in Okinawa. "Karate" means "empty hand".  Shorei-Kan Okinawa Goju-Ryu is a classic and traditional “Karate Do” as opposed to a “sport karate”.
    We have retained the values and techniques of Masters Kanryo Higashionna, Chojun Miyagi and Seikichi Toguchi, the founder of Shorei Kan who was a long time student of the very famous Master Miyagi.  Our resident master or “teacher of teachers” is Tomoaki KoyabuKoyabu Shihan was taught by Master Toguchi for over 15 years and came to Vancouver, Canada in 1972 on Master Toguchi's behalf to bring our style to Canada.  We have a very pure and direct lineage. Koyabu Shihan currently resides in North Vancouver and continues to teach today.

No Contracts,  No Hidden Fees, No Surprises

Shoreikan Karate Club Price List and Fees: (Langley Dojo Only)

Students must fill out an insurance waiver before joining in class participation,
even on trail basis, no exceptions…

All new members may have a free trial period of one week

Term & Fees:
Each Term is 5 months long

September starts the New Year

1st Term = (Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan.)  
2nd Term = (Feb. Mar. Apr May Jun.)  

Child / Youth $140.00 per term
   Adults 18 +  $160.00 per term

Pay for the Year and Save

Adults: $300.00 / a discount of $20.00

Youth: $260.00 / a discount of $20.00

Cost of Other Items:

Test Fees: Adult $20.00 Children $15.00

Bo Staff $35.00 each
Karate Gi $60.00 each all sizes
& comes with white belt (Light Weight Only) 
Student Crest $15.00 each 
Belts All Colours  All Sizes  $15.00 each 

Shodan Black Belts $95.00 each
Instructor Crest $15.00 each

If you need more information 
please call 418-1437 or email us... 
(click on the black belt email icon below)

Shorei Kan Karate Club Dojo 1981